Oru & Kreya

15 minutes – 2 dancers – Street


Idea & Direction: Carlos González & Seth Buckley
Coreography: Carlos González & Seth Buckley in collaboration with dancers
Dancers: Paula Montoya Lozano & Paula Parra Martínez

Video & music editing: Carlos González
Track: Brushed Thoughts – Artista: Suso Saiz
Track: AS Crust – Artista: Amnesia Scanner
Track: Maniac – Artista: Vondkreistan

Costume Designer: Jasanzo (Javier Muñoz)
Camera & Image: Itxa Sai
Photography: Gemma Iglesias
Distribution: AMARELO Distribución Escénica (Lilian Portela)



Oru & Kreya is is born from an investigation of movement and weirdness from an imaginary of non-humanoid beings. The two entities experience an intense visceral journey, experiencing the human form for the first time. Drawing from intergalactic fantasy, Oru & Kreya is a dance of unearthly creatures embracing human sensory intensity.