Specular Peculiar

20 minutes – 4 dancers – Unconventional space | Street | Theater


Direction & choreography: Seth Buckley & Carlos González
*in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Paula Montoya Lozano, Sybila Gutiérrez Poveda, Cristina Reolid Gómez & Seth Buckley
Costume Designer: Jasanzo
Light Designer: Álvaro Estrada
Camera: Toledo & Moroni
Music & video editing: Carlos González
Photography: Miguel Ángel García
*With support from the IVC


A sequence of cosmic intersections, where time as we know it, is dissolved in the multiple dimensions of the body. Each creature explores the physical limits of their mass and the veiled bond that exists in each vulnerable meeting.

Digging into human nature and unearthly source, 𝗦pecular Peculiar is a ceremony to an unseeable reality.