Sybila Gutiérrez


Sybila Gutiérrez Poveda, born in Elda (Spain), trained at the Conservatory of Music and Dance in Valencia (Spain). During her dance education, Sybila danced in the Jove Companyia Gerard Collins and later joind the GOOD Project, directed by Asun Noales (Elche, Spain). Since 2014, she has worked as a performer/choreographer in festivals such as GraciasXfavorSantander (Santander, Spain), Circuito Bucles (Valencia, Spain), SoloDuo (Cologne, Germany), Abril en Danza (Alicante, Spain), Migrats en Breu (Valencia, Spain) and Foro Chilango (CDMX, México), Festival 10 Sentidos (Valencia, Spain), Dansa Valencia (Valencia, Spain), Sismoffgraff (Catalunya, Spain).

She is also a director, choreographer and performer with Cía Dunatacà, a female dance-theatre company based in Valencia (Spain)

Sybila has worked with EYAS DANCE PROJECT since August 2019.