Paula Montoya


Paula Montoya Lozano, born in Spain, trained in classical and contemporary dance at the Conservatorio Profesional de danza de Granada (Spain), and then graduated from the Conservatory of Dance Maria de Avila (Madrid, Spain).

Since 2013 she has worked professionaly in companies like CaraBdanza, directed by Gonzalo Díaz (Madrid, Spain), Centro Coreográfico Galego, directed by Amaury Lebrun (A Coruña, Spain), Valencia Dancing Forward (Valencia, Spain), Compañía Tagenbenzal directed by Jesus Benzal & Ole Tagen (Barcelona, Spain), Marcat Dance directed by Mario Bermúdez & Catherine Coury (Vilches, Spain), Dance Craft directed by Marina Miguélez (Malaga, Spain) and La Phármaco directed by Luz Arcas (Madrid, Spain).

Paula joined EYAS DANCE PROJECT in February 2019.