Mauricio Pérez


Originally from Valencia, Mauricio graduated in Contemporary Dance from the Conservatori Professional de Dansa de València (2018), obtaining the Extraordinary Award at the Autonomous Community level. He studied plastic arts in high school a he is currently completing the last course of higher studies in Contemporary Dance Choreography at the CSDMA, in Madrid.
​He has worked as a freelance dancer in various Spanish companies such as the Daniel Abreu company, IVC, Titoyaya Project, Led Silhouette, Marcat Dance, TangenBenzal and Taiat Dansa -being choreographic assistant of the latter-. As a performer, he has received the first prize for Contemporary Dance at the XXIII international competition of the city of Castellón in 2018.

As a creator he has participated in different competitions and various galas, as a guest artist and in national dance festivals, such as Migrats en Breu, or in Festival 10 Sentidos, where he was the choreographer produced in the VII edition. He is a co-founder of the Colectivo Banquet where he works as a dancer, creator and manager.

​He combines his facet as a dance creator, with lighting and sound designs for different projects by La Basal, Elena Puchol and Colectivo Banquet, making him a multidisciplinary and self-taught artist.