Manuel Conde

Lighting designer | Scenic space

Radiante Lab, multidisciplinary creators with origins and specialization in performing arts and lighting art. They develop their work through light, video and interaction with the performers or users. With light they create, signify or redefine spaces, create light art pieces and audiovisual shows.

They have recently created their first work White Noise together with Luna and Panorama de los insects, a work that draws on the museum, the poetic and the performative (Teatre el Musical València, 2022). Likewise, they have created the immersive audiovisual shows of the Encesa Turia, (Centre cultural La Nau, 2019), and the installation Los disasters de la guerra by the renowned artist Daniel García Andújar (Consorci de Museus CV, 2018). They have traveled to the famous Burning Man festival in Nevada in the USA illuminating the Renaixement fault (Pink intruder, 2016). They have also designed immersive light sculptures such as Kuppel (CCCC, 2023), Paisatges de llum (CCCC, 2022), TedxUPValència (UPV, 2018-2023) and the Valencian Culture Table (Department of Culture, 2015) among others. They have designed the video scenes for shows such as VALENCiANA, la realitat no és suficient (IVC, 2019), Anna i la màquina del temps (Escalante center theatrical, 2019). They have also been responsible for the lighting design and audiovisual technical development of Lluna (Escalante-Horta teatre, 2021). Radiante Lab was nominated for best lighting at the Valencian Performing Arts Awards in 2021. Manuel Conde has been in charge of these processes in the works Alexandria (IVC, 2018), Dystopia (PanicMap, 2016) and Harket Protocol (PanicMap, 2012). The collective is also behind an immersive and interactive space at the Manhattan restaurant (Voltereta, 2020). They designed the stage and lighting for the Media Awards 2020 gala in Luxembourg, which also featured one of their audiovisual shows (Maison Moderne and RTL Luxemburg). The I Nit de Circ Valencia was also held under the light of Radiante (Teatre Principal de València, 2018).