Javier Muñoz

Design and Costume making

JASANZO, also known as Javier Muñoz Pérez, is a senior costume technician after having studied at the Center for Entertainment Technology in Madrid. He also has a degree in Interpretation from the RESAD in Madrid and is a dancer. He is a stage costume designer for theater companies such as TINGEL TANGEL KABARETT and SITGESCREART, for the singer Alba Messa in MADO Madrid 2019 and in the video clip Pantera by Xcso.

​He is also a stylist and tailor in theater productions, TV, series and advertising. He is also fashion designer dressing recognized personalities such as Nadia De Santiago at the Goya gala in 2020 or Miss International Spain 2019 in Tokyo.

​He has been collaborating with the EYAS Dance Project since 2020.