Itxa Sai

DJ | Music producer | Graphic designer | Dancer

Itxa Sai, Itxasai Mediavilla, born in the Basque Country, defines themself as a queer artist focused on movement and visual arts flowing between both disciplines with a professional career spanning ten years. They have worked as a performer in national and international companies, such as Titoyaya Danza, La Pharmaco, LASALA, Marca Dance or Wee Dance Company, with choreographers such as Luz Arcas, Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, Judith Argomaniz, Noa Zuk and Mario Bermúdez. Since 2022, they have been focusing on their path towards the spectrum of sound, discovering new languages of creativity, generating sound textures. With a special interest in digital sound and synthetic atmospheres, they are currently engaged in continuous research into how these can act as a channel and tool for free body expression.