Ángela Chavero


Ángela was born in Madrid in 1991. In 2003 she began her studies at the Escuela Mayor de Danza in classical, contemporary and Spanish dance. She worked in the premiere of ’‘El Trovador’’ choreographed by Víctor Jiménez and in the premiere of the Teatros del Canal choreography by Chevi Muraday. Later she graduated in Classical Dance at the RCPD Mariemma in 2012. In 2013 she joined the cast of the Jove Companyia Gerard Collins, based in Valencia, where she got closer to contemporary dance and performed works by choreographers such as Gustavo Ramírez Sansano, Sebastián Rowinsky, Iván Pérez, Kike Guerrero and Mamen and Carmela García. While completing her studies in contemporary dance at the RCPD Mariemma, she was a member of the Larrea Company where she worked with choreographers such as Pedro Berdayës, Sharon Fridman, Sonia Rodríguez and José Reches. Upon graduating in Contemporary Dance from the conservatory in 2015, she received the Honor Award.

In search of new techniques and improvement, she has continued her training by participating in national and international workshops where she has worked with the body from very different perspectives and languages. Among them include Susanne Linke, Maria Kolegova, Leif Firnhaber Pinos, Anton Lachky, Peter Jasko, Leonardo Centi, Allyson Way Wanselius, Samuel Lefeuvre, Daniel Abreu, Luz Arcas. She began Tai Chi technique classes with Jose Wu-chi and has participated on several occasions in gaga workshops with Yaniv Abraham, Shani Garfinkel, Ariadna Montfort, Wies Van Houplines and Catherine Coury.

Ángela has worked as a dancer with Dani Pannullo Dancetheatre Co., Marcat Dance, Carla Diego Company, HURyCAN, EYAS Dance Project, ELAMOR, Antonio Ruz Company and in the show ‘Carmina Burana’ by La Fura Del Baus with the Cía. Elías Aguirre.