75 minutes – 4 dancers / performers – Unconventional Space|Theater


Idea & direction: Seth Buckley & Carlos González
Choreography: Carlos González & Seth Buckley in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Itxa Sai, Elena Gómez, Dylan Aranda and Seth Buckley
Sound Space and image: Itxa Sai
Light technitian: Isaac Rovira
Light Design: Radiante Lab (Manuel Conde)
Costume Design & Styling: JASANZO (Javier Muñoz) and Adrián Casani
Dramaturgy: Carlos González in collaboration with La Merce
Atrezzo: Mado Artesanía Textil (Adolfo Fernández & Mariel Laso)
Filming: Salinas Agency (Fernando Moreno Martí)
Photography: Laura Carrasco
Audiovisual production: Carlos González
Consultant: Alexandro Cortés
Distribution: AMARELO Distribución Escénica (Lilian Portela)
*With the support from IVC, Graners de creació, Festival 10 Sentidos, Teatros de Canal, and the city council of Valencia.


Can we imagine a future where all bodies, identities and genders, in their immense
diversity, were celebrated and not questioned and persecuted?
This work was born as an artistic reflection and response to the structural violence that patriarchy,
colonialism and capitalism have caused in our lives, repressing sexual diversities, establishing rigid binaries, homogenizing affections and erasing people who exist outside the normative canons.
SENSUAL TEXION is an innovative dance work that highlights power, beauty and
natural of all bodies and identities. A ritual of celebration and reconnection with the wider
spectrum of colors and expressions of our bodies, everyone’s.
EYAS Dance Project proposes an immersive experience that integrates dance, light art,
fashion and electronic music, fusing contemporary dance, urban dance and vogue.
A high-frequency sensual revolution whose mission is to heal collective wounds
of our sexualities.



“The Valencians from the attractive company EYAS Dance Project (Carlos González and Seth Buckley) premiered the very powerful ‘SENSUAL TEXION’. Manuel Conde’s penetrating lighting gives life to the diversity of bodies and sexualities, introducing us to a ceremonial night party with contemporary dance, urban dances or vogue as a questioning of the established mentality. They achieve scenes of enormous beauty, such as the ball with the white lightning bolts.”
“Merce Matus, Raisha Cosima, Dylan Aranda González do fascinating work, as well as Itxa Sai handling the music created by themselves, along with other artists. Among them, Merce Matus, characterized with certain similarities to the elves from ‘El Señor of the Rings’, those beautiful, wise beings who see perfectly in the dark, considered almost androgynous and metrosexual.”
“Let’s not forget the excellent costume work of JASANZO (Javier Muñoz) and Adrián Casani: difficult and very accomplished, especially for its descriptive nature and its willingness to combine with lighting”

Jose Vicente Peiró (LAS PROVINCIAS)